The second publicity event

On September 29,2022, while implementing the project “Renovation of school health cabinets in Kedainiai and Anyksciai district municipalities” No. LT03-2-SAM-K01-002 (hereinafter – the Project), the second publicity event was held in Kedainiai Nursery-Kindergarten “Zilvitis”. The event was attended by 32 participants – heads, teachers and sprecialists of schools in Kedainiai district municipality.

During the event, the project manager, director of the public health bureau of the Kedainiai District Municipality, Danguole Aviziuviene, presented the progress of the project, the achieved results, future works and activities.

Lecturer, moderator of the event Gintarė Razuleviciute (Master of Educology, Master of Education Policy and Administration) introduced participants of the event to universal educational methods and SMART, GROW, WORLD CAFE methods applied in working with students of various ages. Various situations and cases were discussed and debated, the lecturer answered the questions.

During the break and after the event, the participants had the opportunity to see health cabinet of Kedainiai Nursery-Kindergarten “Zilvitis”, which was renovated and updated using project’s funds.

The project “Renovation of school health cabinets in Kedainiai and Anyksciai district municipalities” is financed according to the 2014–2021 measure “Provision of Methodological Tools for Health Cabinets in Pre-school and School Education Institutions” of the program “Health” of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.

Funds from the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism of 2014-2021 will used for the implementation of the project. The total budget of the project is EUR 295,258.72. The share of Kedainiai district municipality in the project is 17 percent from the project’s total budget (52 thousand euros).

14 public health specialists of the Public Health Bureu of Kedainiai District Municipality provide state-delegated public health care services in 29 schools of Kėdainiai district or their departments.

Project Manager

Director of Public Health Bureau of Kedainiai District Municipality

Danguole Aviziuviene

The second publicity event
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