Health cabinets are provided with health risk assessment tools

During the implementation of the project “Renovation of the health rooms of municipal schools in Kėdainiai and Anykščiai districts” No. LT03-2-SAM-K01-002 (hereinafter Project) purchased health risk assessment tools: 18 scales, 17 height meters, 29 brachial blood pressure meters, 24 thermometers for measuring body temperature, 20 scales for determining the amount of body fat.

The total contractual price of all specified measures is EUR 7,823.00. All received tools are distributed according to Annex 2 of the Project Agreement, are inventoried and transferred to school health offices:

Kėdainiai nursery/kindergarten “Vyturėlis”;

Kėdainiai nursery/kindergarten “Childhood”;

Nursery school “Varpelis”;

Kėdainiai nursery/kindergarten “Žilvitis”;

Kėdainiai nursery/kindergarten “Aviliukas”;

Kindergarten-kindergarten “Pasaka”;

Kėdainiai nursery-kindergarten “Puriena”;

Kėdainiai district Labūnava Primary School’s Owl’s Claw Department, “Clover”;

Kėdainiai district Labūnava Primary School Nociūnai Department;

VšĮ Alternative Education Center “Happy Children”;

Kėdainiai district Vilainiai school-kindergarten “Obelėlė”;

Kėdainiai district Surviliškis V. Svirskis primary school;

Kėdainiai district Truskava Primary School;

Kėdainiai Juozas Pauštelis pro-gymnasium;

Lithuanian Sports University Kėdainiai “Aušros” pro-gymnasium;

Kėdainiai “Ryto” pro-gymnasium;

Kėdainiai “Atžalino” gymnasium;

Kėdainiai High School;

Kėdainiai district Academy Gymnasium;

Kėdainiai district Josvainiai high school;

Kėdainiai district Krakiai Mikalojus Katkaus Gymnasium;

Kėdainiai district Šeta Gymnasium;

“Spindulis” school in Kėdainiai;

Kėdaini Adult and Youth Training Center;

Kėdainiai district Dotnuva Primary School;

Kėdainiai district Labūnava Primary School;

Kėdainiai district Miegėnai Primary School;

  Kėdainiai district Josvainiai Social Education Center;

Kėdainiai district Šeta Social Education Center.

The project partners – the public health office of the Anykščiai district municipality – take care of the renovation of the school health offices of the Anykščiai district.

Project Manager,

VSB of Kėdainiai district municipality

director Danguolė Avižiuviene

Health cabinets are provided with health risk assessment tools
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